This page will host frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding the OpenHIE Academy site, courses, and certification.

Academy Site FAQs

Please post any feedback you would like to share to our community forum, and tag “academy.”

You can sign up for Academy on this page. If you have forgotten, or need to reset your password or user ID for the Academy. Visit this web page to input your email address that you signed up with, or your user ID, to find your user ID or reset your password.

You can contact the OpenHIE secretariat team at support@ohie.org if you have any questions on this process.

Certification FAQs

Foundations in Health Information Exchange Certification will demonstrate that you have an understanding of the foundational concepts for health information exchange. These concepts include: 

  • Understands the basic concepts of interoperability
  • Understands the basic function of health information exchange and the OpenHIE Architecture components
  • Can designate which HIE architecture components are needed to solve a health data exchange challenge.  
  • Has a basic understanding of the importance of semantic and syntactic standards 

The certificates earned at the end of free self-paced courses demonstrate that you have completed a specific course and successfully passed the assessment. There will also be a cost to access the Foundations in Health Information Exchange Certification exam and the funds will be used to grow and sustain the OpenHIE Academy and Academy Certifications, whereas the certificates of completion for the self-paced courses are free. For those who have concern or further questions with the cost associated with certification, you can reach out to us at support@ohie.org.

This Academy Certification process will follow after attending a live academy course that covers a wider array of topics, or several of the self-paced courses (see “What can I do to prepare for Certification?”). Certification will only be obtained after successfully completing an exam that is meant to test your understanding of that certification’s subject (i.e. an understanding on the foundations in health information exchange).

Once you take the test, the results for the Foundations Certification will be automatically graded and you will see the results on the screen. You will need an 80% or above to pass the certification.

Each certification exam will be different. For the one certification we are currently offering, “Foundations in Health Information Exchange,” the exam will likely take between 10-20 minutes to complete.

While currently we offer one track, based upon needs in the field, we expect to expand the offering to include a more advanced certification for engineers, developers and others implementing solutions in the field, but we have not yet created those certifications. We envision a future where community members can be certified in many areas across OpenHIE and health information exchange topics.

Purchasing access to get the certification grants you two opportunities to take and successfully pass the test with an 80% result. After your second attempt, please contact us at support@ohie.org to unlock the certification course. Please note you will have to re-enroll in the exam course with an additional exam fee.