Digital Square on FHIR. A Webinar Series

Digital Square on FHIR®

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A webinar series from Digital Square provides a foundation on this vital standard and showcases how Digital Square Global Goods are Using FHIR® in their work.

Webinars in this series include:

  • FHIR® 101 Refresher
  • FHIR® Profiling & Documentation
  • FHIR® and Terminology
  • FHIR® Implementation Guide
  • Building on FHIR®: OpenHIM Covid-19 Data Exchange

The recordings, links to the slide decks, and details about webinars in this series can be found on this website.

Digital Square has consolidated their Global Good Webinars for the global good innovator community on this web page. This page will list these specific courses linked above in addition to many others across technical, operational, and communications topics.